Rent To Own

    • Long-term Projects
    • Seasonal/Yearly Rentals
    • Fleet Equipment Upgrade
    • Facility Expansion
    • Replace Outdated Equipment
    • Contingency/Back-up Planning

United RTO or United Rent to Own is dedicated to changing the way companies rent equipment for long-term needs.

The equipment rental business has always been a great short-term option for consumers, however, equipment rental has been difficult for consumers needing help long-term.  United RTO has a team dedicated to help bridge that temporary rental into a permanent solution.

Our goal is to help you acquire the equipment you need and develop a plan to own that equipment so your rental fees are applied to a permanent solution – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Choose from chillers, cooling towers, heaters, boilers, rooftop units, construction equipment, specialty equipment and more.

We work nationally and have complete equipment service and maintenance programs available to give you the compete benefit of renting with a regular monthly payment.

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